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About Us

Piano Lesson

Our Approach

Our goal is to offer a quality training program in music that is tailor made for all those more mature lovers of music who simply want to learn music as a hobby and enjoy being able to play all their favorite songs, without necessarily having to spend years in building a traditional foundation that is a requirement for future concert pianist.

Most people don't have an ambition to become concert pianists, they simply want the shortest, simplest path to learning all their favorite tunes. The fastest path to learning music is imitation! The reason why children learn music and languages much faster and more effectively than adults is because they imitate more than analyze. Their analytical minds are not developed yet, so they rely on imitation and outperform adult learners. Our tutorials teach all music fundamentals, but priority is given to imitation and the bypassing of the rational, analytical mind is encouraged in order to facilitate faster learning. Simply imitate what the teacher does in videos! Over time, your mind will start picking up on music notation and rhythmic structures gradually, and without too much stress that usually makes piano learning such an overwhelmingly hard task for adult learners.

Our Methodology

Our program consists of high quality video tutorials combined with personalised teacher support, which is necessary to ensure that your musical training is right on track and that you are not developing any bad habits. 

Each video tutorial covers only a short segment of a song, encouraging micro practicing, a piano practicing technique that will speed up your progress dramatically. The idea is that the student shouldn't move on to the next video (the next segment of the song), before mastering the one before.

Teacher Support

All our teachers have Bachelor or Master Degrees in classical piano performance and have decades of piano teaching experience. To benefit from our program the most, you should order a teacher review at least once a month, and receive a detailed, personalized video assessment from one of our teachers. In order to have your progress evaluated, simply record yourself playing up to 2 songs, and send us your video link. 

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